SAMSUNG Guru Music 2 (Blue)



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  • 5.08 cm (2 inch) NA Display
  • 800 mAh Battery
  • 0 0 0 208MHz Processor

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If you want a durable backup mobile phone that comes with a music player, then the Samsung Guru Music 2 is an ideal choice. Featuring a CPU speed of 208 MHz and an 800 mAh battery, this feature phone stands ready by your side all day long.

Beautiful Design and a Vibrant Display

Whether it is viewing texts or scrolling through your tracks, this phone’s 5.08-cm (2) display provides you with an enhanced viewing experience. Also, its sleek design makes this phone look stylish and easy to use.

Unlimited Entertainment

This phone features 16 GB of expandable memory, so you can store up to 3000 songs and listen to your favourite tracks. It also comes with a dedicated play-pause button, an advanced MP3 player, and powerful loudspeakers, so you can get the party going anytime and anywhere.


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