3 idea Imagine Create Print L130 USB Variable-sized Droplet Printer,4 Edible Ink Bottles (CMYK, 100ml + 25 Icing Sheets) (Black)



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  • EPSON EDIBLE TANK PRINTER: The kit consists of Basic Epson Photocake Printer (No scanner and not wireless) with 400 ml Edible Ink Set & 25 Icing Sheets. Use: A4 Size Prints for Photo Cakes
  • Including Kopybake edible ink bottles 100ml each (CMYK) and 25 Icing Sheets.
  • Printer is modified for edible printing. The edible printer is compatible with all A4 edible papers EXCEPT CHOCO TRANSFER SHEETS. as well as regular paper.
  • Compatible With A4 : Icing Sheets & Wafer sheets
  • It can make 400-500 prints per refill.

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